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Monitoring of Engineered and Natural Systems Using Sensors (MENSUS)

The steering group and members of the MENSUS USRG are listed below. If you would like to become a member of the group please email with a subject line of 'New MENSUS member'.


Name Role Faculty/Organisation
Ling Wang Associate Professor of Tribology Condition Monitoring (Deputy Head of nCATS) FEE
Neil White Professor in Electronics and Computer Science FPSE
Matt Mowlem Professor in Sensors Development FELS
Joreg Fliege Director of CORMSIS and Professor of Mathematical Sciences FSHMS
Janice Barton Professor of Experimental Mechanics FEE
Christopher Holmes Senior Enterprise Fellow FPSE
Honor Powrie Visiting Professor FEE
Tim Waters Associate Professor FEE
Mark Spearing Professor of Engineering Materials FEE
Peter G.R. Smith Professor FEE
William Powrie Professor of Geotechnical Engineering (Dean of FEE) FEE
Robert Wood Professor of Surface Engineering and Tribology (Associate Dean of Research) FEE
Michael Butler Professor (Associate Dean) FPSE
Paul White Professor of Statistical Signal Processing (Director of ISVR) FEE
Dankmar Bohning Professor in Medical Statistics (Deputy Director of S3RI) FSHMS
Chris Hill Principal Enterprise Fellow (Director of GeoData) FSHMS
Nicola Symonds Senior Researcher (Director of nC2) FEE
Rachel Tighe Research Fellow (ECR Rep) FEE
Neil Bressloff Professor of Biomedical Engineering & Design (Head of CED) FEE
Liudi Jiang Professor (Director of Research ES) FEE
Themis Prodromakis Reader in Nanoelectronics FPSE
Zoheir Sabeur Science Director FPSE
Hong T.M Bui Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour/Human Resources Management FBLA
Terry Harvey Senior Research Fellow FEE
Simon Roberts Principal Consultant FEE
Roger Gardner Collaboration Manager for Aerospace and Defence Professional Services

MEMBERS LISTING - Internal only




Atkinson FEE


Bashir FEE


Beeby FPSE


Bloodworth FEE


Blumensath FEE




Chipperfield FEE
Bing Chu FPSE


Corni FEE
Andy Cruden FEE


Doncaster FELS
Jon Downes FEE
Declan Doyle FELS
Rob Eason FPSE
Filippo Fazi FEE
Neil Ferguson FEE
John Findlay FELS
Martin Fischlechner FELS
Alexander Forrester FEE
Stephanie Gauthier FEE
Mark George ukdsc
Maryam Ghandi-Tehrani FEE
Peter Glynne-Jones FEE
Stepehn Goldup FELS
Jose Gonzalez-Celis  
Nick Harris FEE
Tim Henstock FELS
Martin Hill FEE
Bill Keevil FELS
Stephen Kemp RIS
David Laurence Adaptive wireless solutions
Paul Lewin FPSE
Hugh G. Lewis FEE
Markus Luczak-Rosch FPSE
Rob Maunder FPSE
Helen McEvoy  
Jen Muggleton FEE
Adrian Nightingale FEE
Xize Niu FEE
Carlos Ponce-de-Leon FPSE
Simon Quinn FEE
Luca Richeldi FPSE
Eric Rogers FPSE
David Rowe FPSE
Ian Rowley FEE
Jason Sadler FPSE
Zakwan Scaf Cranfield
Suleiman Sharkh FEE
David Simpson FEE
Ian Sinclair FEE
Malcolm Smith FEE
Peter J. Smith FELS
Steffan Staab FPSE
Robert Stansbridge FEE
Martin Stolz FEE
Clint Styles FEE
Ole Thomsen FEE
David Thompson ISVR
Blair Thornton FEE
Mohamed Torbati FEE
Nick Townsend FEE
Stephen Turnock FEE
Colin Upstill FPSE
Scott Walker FEE
Shuncai Wang FEE
Alex Weddell FPSE
Julian Wharton FEE
Natalie Wheeler FPSE
Sandra Wilks FELS
Martin Willett Citytech
Jon Williams RIS
Trevor Woolven Thales
Jize  Yan FPSE
Angeliki Zafeiropoulou   FPSE
Bahareh Zaghari   FEE

Faculty Key

FEE - Faculty of Engineering and the Environment

FELS - Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences

FPSE - Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering

FHS - Faculty of Health Sciences

FoM - Faculty of Medicine

BLA - Faculty of Business, Law and Art

Hums - Faculty of Humanities

FSHMS - Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences


External members are not shown for confidentiality reasons.












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