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The University of Southampton
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Centre for Global Constitutionalism

The University of Southampton is now the host institution for Global Constitutionalism (GlobCon), an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal dedicated to global and transnational aspects of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law.

Our first virtual Summer Workshop was held on 16-17 July 2020. Click here for the agenda of the day and the abstracts.

The journal is published by the Cambridge University Press with the institutional support of Southampton Law School, the School of Economic, Social, and Political Sciences, and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Southampton, UK. Following its transition from the WZB Berlin Social Science Centre, the journal has been based at Southampton University since January 2020.

The editors of the journal are Jonathan Havercroft (University of Southampton), Jacob Eisler (University of Southampton), Antje Wiener (University of Hamburg, Germany and University of Cambridge), Jo Shaw (University of Edinburgh) and Val Napoleon (University of Victoria, Canada). Aygun Mammadzada (University of Southampton) is Managing Editor.

The journal’s tenure at Southampton provides an opportunity for all scholars at the University to promote interdisciplinary collaboration on topics related to global constitutionalism. In addition to publishing three issues of the journal a year, the editors will further organize symposia on recently published books in the field of international law and will host an annual scholars’ summer workshop. The first annual workshop is scheduled for 16-17 July 2020. The workshop will bring together many diverse scholars from all around the world, creating the chance for networking, sharing ideas and enhancing the profile of the University. In concert with hosting the journal, the editors have established a Centre for Global Constitutionalism at the University of Southampton, creating further prospects for internal and external collaboration.

Scholar's Workshop Call For Papers

We invite paper proposals on topics related to diversity in global constitutionalism.
While we define global constitutionalism as inclusive of the foundations, limitations, and contestations of normative and political ordering principles, with this call we are seeking to explore these topics from multiple perspectives including non-state and non-western, Indigenous, feminism and gender, and from other diversities. For example, what might critical explorations of Indigenous rule of law and normative ordering questions reveal? How might conceptions of human rights deriving from within Indigenous legal orders inform and reshape domestic and national conversations about human rights? Why might Indigenous law matter today for Indigenous peoples' internal governance and to rearranging their political and economic relationships with states? What are key Indigenous issues and questions concerning historic and contemporary contestations of political and legal ordering, and citizenship?
One of the goals of the workshop is to advance global constitutionalism as an interdisciplinary field. Another is to promote the creation of networks of scholars working in similar fields. Thus, we invite submissions from a broad range of disciplines including Indigenous Law, International Law, Political Science, International Relations, Comparative Constitutional Law, Comparative Politics, Political Theory and Philosophy.
Possible topics include but are not limited to:
- Indigenous and non-state human rights (i.e., not from state or western definitions of Indigenous human rights),
- The rule of law from Indigenous, glocal, non-western, or global perspectives,
- Contemporary challenges to democracy for Indigenous peoples and other marginalized groups and peoples,
- Indigenous and non-state legalities, legitimacies, and institutions (e.g., clans, judiciary, etc.) in the domestic or global order,
- Glocal and global justice,
- Transnational, Indigenous, and glocal democracy,
- Post-colonial critiques of global constitutionalism,
- Indigenous and non-western approaches to global constitutionalism, and
- Global constitutionalism and societal diversity.
The editorial team of Global Constitutionalism, will be organizing a workshop on the 15th and 16th of July 2021 (further details to be confirmed).
As part of this workshop, we will run special sessions for scholars interested in publishing in the field of diverse global constitutionalism. Each selected scholar will be invited to present a paper to the workshop. They will also receive extensive feedback on their papers from senior scholars. After revisions based on workshop feedback, it is anticipated that the papers will be submitted to Global Constitutionalism for peer review with the possibility of publication. This is intended as an opportunity for early career researchers to receive mentorship in the craft of publishing in peer-reviewed journals. Editors from the journal will work closely with the selected scholars throughout the process.
To apply, please submit a paper abstract of up to 400 words and an academic biography of 150 words at:
The deadline for submissions is the 15th of April 2021. If you have any questions, please contact:

Key facts

Dr Jonathan Havercroft, Associate Professor in International Political Theory, Departmental Admissions Officer, Head of Teaching Programmes

Dr Jacob Eisler, Associate Professor of Public Law, BA Political Science (Williams College); MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History (Cambridge); JD (Harvard Law School); PhD (Harvard University)

Ms Aygun Mammadzada, PhD Researcher (University of Southampton, Institute of Maritime Law), LLM in International Business Law (University of Southampton), LLB (Baku State University)

For all publications please visit Global Constitutionalism on

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