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Centre for International Law and Globalisation

The Centre for International Law and Globalisation (CILG) was established in 2022 and brings together researchers working in a broad range of fields of international and global law.

The core aims of the Centre are, first, to foster innovative research and policy engagement by experts in distinct substantive areas of international law. Secondly, recognising that contemporary global challenges are multi-dimensional, the Centre provides a space within which researchers can work collaboratively, cutting across distinct substantive areas, to explore law’s role and potential contribution in addressing contemporary international and global challenges through the identification and development of multi-disciplinary, integrative responses and approaches.

Research interests of Centre members include:

African Customary Law – Dina Lupin

Climate Change Law – Dina Lupin, Emily Reid

Conflict Law – Melinee Kazarian

Criminal Law (international and comparative) – Melinee Kazarian, Nina Jorgensen

Cultural Heritage Law – Michail Risvas

Deep seabed mining – Andrew Serdy

Dispute Settlement – Andrew Serdy, Stephanie Law

EU Law – Emily Reid, Stephanie Law

Global Health Law – Michael da Silva, Melinee Kazarian

Governance – Dina Lupin, Emily Reid, Stephanie Law

Human Rights (including Cultural, Health, Minority, Social, Business and Human Rights, Housing) Ainhoa Campas Velasco, S Chelvan, Dina Lupin, Emily Reid, Mabel Newton, Mark Jordan, Michael da Silva, Mohammed Sarkiz, Melinee Kazarian

International Economic Law (including trade, investment, regional and plurilateral trade agreements) Emily Reid, Michail Risvas, Tengjiao Xu

International and Global Environmental Law (including climate law) – Ali Sahin, Dina Lupin, Emily Reid, Werner Scholtz, Michail Risvas

International Fisheries Law- Andrew Serdy

Public International Law –Aminayanasam Tekena-Fubara, Nina Jorgensen, Michail Risvas,

International Law of the Sea – Ainhoa Campas Velasco, Andrew Serdy, Michail Risvas

International Maritime Law – Fatima Ozcan, Madison Stevens

International Refugee Law – Ainhoa Campas Velasco, S Chelvan

Maritime Boundary delimitation – Andrew Serdy

Maritime search and rescue of sea migrants – Ainhoa Campas Velasco

Migration Law – S Chelvan, Ali Sahin, Mabel Newton,

Political Economy- Stephanie Law

Post-conflict justice  - Nina Jorgensen

Regulation and Decision-making – Emily Reid, Madison Stevens, Stephanie Law

Sustainable Development – Emily Reid, Werner Scholtz

World Trade Organization Law – Emily Reid, Michail Risvas


Please see each individual member’s staff profile for a list of their publications.

The Centre for International Law and Globalisation is delighted that Southampton Alumnus Dr S Chelvan has been appointed as a Visiting Adjunct Professor. Chelvan is a globally recognised legal expert on refugee and human rights claims based on sexual or gender identity and expression.  He is instructed on cases in the UK up to and including the Supreme Court, and the Strasbourg Court, and is specifically renowned to adopt a symbiotic approach to spearhead strategic litigation, academic research, and policy development in refugee and migration law.

Chelvan holds a First in Politics and Law from the University of Southampton (1998), an LLM from Harvard Law School (2001, Kennedy Memorial Trust Scholar), and was awarded a PhD in Law from King’s College London (2019).  Chelvan was called to the Bar by Inner Temple (1999, Major Scholar). Chelvan practices from 33 Bedford Row Chambers, London, where he is Head of Immigration and Public Law.  In July 2022, Chelvan was awarded the Inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award at Southampton's Outstanding Alumni Awards.


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