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Centre for International Law and Globalisation

Our research

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The research interests of Centre members include:

  • African Customary Law – Dina Lupin
  • Climate Change Law – Dina Lupin, Emily Reid
  • Conflict Law – Melinee Kazarian
  • Criminal Law (international and comparative) – Melinee Kazarian, Nina Jorgensen
  • Cultural Heritage Law – Michail Risvas
  • Deep seabed mining – Andrew Serdy
  • Dispute Settlement – Andrew Serdy, Stephanie Law
  • EU Law – Emily Reid, Stephanie Law
  • Global Health Law – Michael da Silva, Melinee Kazarian
  • Governance – Dina Lupin, Emily Reid, Stephanie Law
  • Human Rights (including Cultural, Health, Minority, Social, Business and Human Rights, Housing) Ainhoa Campas Velasco, S Chelvan, Dina Lupin, Emily Reid, Mabel Newton, Mark Jordan, Michael da Silva, Mohammed Sarkiz, Melinee Kazarian
  • International Economic Law (including trade, investment, regional and plurilateral trade agreements) Emily Reid, Michail Risvas, Tengjiao Xu
  • International and Global Environmental Law (including climate law) – Ali Sahin, Dina Lupin, Emily Reid, Werner Scholtz, Michail Risvas
  • International Fisheries Law- Andrew Serdy
  • Public International Law –Aminayanasam Tekena-Fubara, Nina Jorgensen, Michail Risvas,
  • International Law of the Sea – Ainhoa Campas Velasco, Andrew Serdy, Michail Risvas
  • International Maritime Law – Fatima Ozcan, Madison Stevens
  • International Refugee Law – Ainhoa Campas Velasco, S Chelvan
  • Maritime Boundary delimitation – Andrew Serdy
  • Maritime search and rescue of sea migrants – Ainhoa Campas Velasco
  • Migration Law – S Chelvan, Ali Sahin, Mabel Newton,
  • Political Economy- Stephanie Law
  • Post-conflict justice  - Nina Jorgensen
  • Regulation and Decision-making – Emily Reid, Madison Stevens, Stephanie Law
  • Sustainable Development – Emily Reid, Werner Scholtz
  • World Trade Organization Law – Emily Reid, Michail Risvas