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People, Property, Community

People, Property, Community (PPC)

People, Property, Community (PPC) comprises a collaborative network of legal and other scholars concerned with the relationship between property, law and society. It takes a wide view of property and has a particular interest in innovative property forms. However materialised, property for us is about rights and responsibilities, duties and privileges and we recognise that the future of property is inextricably linked with some of the most complex contemporary problems such as climate change, health and other inequalities, and social exclusion. The challenges and potential of property go to the heart of our political settlement and solutions require interdisciplinary collaborations which we are keen to facilitate.

We are excellent legal scholars who offer something distinct – a concern with the broader implications of contemporary property ownership. Our interests include the distribution and regulation of property on a global, national and local scale, the relationship between property and the state, the emergence and reinforcement of property norms, and the politics underpinning individual and alternative forms of ownership. Social justice is central to our work as we recognise that those excluded from property or marginal to it are at least as deeply impacted by property as those who are owners.

For us, property is more than the cerebral or doctrinal; we understand property as central to social relations and we are keen to engage with non-academic partners such as governmental/non governmental organisations, charities, community groups as well as legal practitioners and property professionals to explore research, knowledge exchange and/or other collaborative opportunities. We are proud to be located in Southampton, a city with global links, a fascinating history and a distinctive property profile and would welcome local projects that strengthen the University’s civic mission. We are also keen to work with others, regionally and nationally, in other jurisdictions and on global dimensions of property.

Helen Carr (Director)

Sarah Nield

Lisa Whitehouse

Emma Laurie

Dean Taylor

Mark Jordan

Please contact the Director, Professor Helen Carr if you would like any further information.

Please see each individual member’s staff profile for a list of their publications.

PPC members are currently engaged in areas of research including:

Housing Law and Policy

Rights to housing

Housing rights

Tenancy law

Human Rights


Mortgage Arrears




Rent Arrears

New Forest

Administrative justice

Social justice

Property guardianship

Property relations and the political economy

Property theory

Diasporic property relations and legal consciousness

Housing affordability and the cost of living crisis:

Wednesday 9th November, 2022 Art House Southampton Eventbrite link


"Stay Home: UK housing and the pandemic" Seminar by Professor Becky Tunstall:

Wednesday 23rd November, 2022, 4.00 p.m Law School, Moot Room 4003 and online


Association for Law Property and Society International Conference

11th – 13th May, 2023 Details to be announced nearer the date

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