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The University of Southampton
Southampton Law School

Research themes

Our expanding research themes cover national and global issues and bring together cross faculty academics .

Information Technology Law


The Interdisciplinary Centre for Law, Internet and Culture (iCLIC) at Southampton combines legal expertise in key domains, such as information technology, Telecommunications, e-commerce, public sector information policy, and intellectual property. We are home to some of the most outstanding researchers in these fields in the UK, offering extensive links with IT practitioners worldwide through its many publications and the international academic and policy making community through the annual conference run by members of the Institute.


Health Ethics and Law


Drawing together more than 70 of the UK's foremost experts in healthcare law and scholars from other disciplines, the The Centre for Health Ethics and Law explores the nature of law, its processes of production and impact on society, through examining specific examples in healthcare law and ethics.



Law, Policy and Society


The Centre for Law, Policy and Society (CLPS) supports Law School academics’ explorations of the intersections between law, policy and society. Research activities encompass diverse approaches to content and methodology, reflecting the expertise and focus of staff, PhD students and visiting scholars. The ethos of the centre is to provide a place to explore multi-disciplinary approaches to the study of law; the inter-relations between law and policy; and the historical or cultural role of law in different social contexts.

Insurance Law


The Law School is a leading centre for research in and teaching of Insurance Law, national and worldwide. Although insurance law is a topic of major importance to private individuals and the commercial sector alike, it is researched or taught at only a very small number of universities in the UK and other common law jurisdictions. The University of Southampton Law School is home to several academics whose primary research interest is insurance law.

Maritime and Commercial Law


The Institute of Maritime Law was founded in 1982 to give focus to an existing interest in maritime and international trade.

Property, Equity and Land Law


The Law School is a centre of expertise in the study of property, land and equity. Staff and students share ideas, present research in progress, present papers and discuss recent cases and current developments.

Criminal Justice and Crime analysis


The Institute of Criminal Justice Research run from the Faculty of Social Science but to whose activities members of the Law School contribute, examines issues relating to the balance between order and control of crime on the one hand and the protection of civil liberties on the other.

Socio Legal Studies


Much of the research conducted in the Law School adopts a socio-legal approach that examines the ways in which law operates within its social and political contexts. As such it aims to identify the societal impact of the law, as well as the policy dimensions associated with the application and enforcement of law. This is achieved by using traditional theoretical legal research methods and combining them with those adopted by other disciplines so that new perspectives are developed to help inform and develop an understanding of how law works in society.

Discrimination, Gender and the Law


The Stefan Cross Centre for Gender, Equality and the Law provides a forum for discussing and exploring legal issues relating to a wide variety of topics relating to equality and discrimination.

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