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The University of Southampton

Cryogenic NMR Laboratory

Researchers setting up a cryogenic NMR experiment
Researchers setting up a cryogenic NMR experiment

Bruker Avance II+ 600MHz solid-state NMR system

This triple-resonance NMR system features a wide range of solid-state NMR probes for magic-angle-spinning and static NMR experiments, including a 7mm HX, a 4mm HX, a 4mm TX and a 2.5mm TR Bruker solid-state probes. The system also supports high-resolution solution NMR experiments and is equipped with a Bruker 5mm BBI probe with z-gradient.

A world-unique cryogenic magic-angle-spinning NMR probe is also available. This probe uses the evaporation of liquid He to spin and cool the sample. The lowest achieved sample temperature is 10 Kelvin, at a spinning frequency of 10 kHz.

We have also developed NMR probes for experiments on static samples at temperatures down to approximately 1.5 K.

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