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The University of Southampton


A picture of the BioNMR laboratory

BioNMR Laboratory

The BioNMR laboratory, room 27/1141, carries out work on small molecules, solid materials, proteins and membrane systems at both 600MHz and 400MHz in both solution and solid state.  

A picture of the CryoNMR laboratory

CryoNMR Laboratory

The CryoNMR laboratory, room 27/1085, carries out NMR experiments at temperatures as low as ~1.8K (static samples) and ~10K (under MAS at 20kHz).

A picture of the HyperNMR laboratory

HyperNMR Laboratory

The HyperNMR laboratory, room 27/1119, carries out liquid-state NMR experiments on hyperpolarised samples using para-H2 or dissolution-dynamic-nuclear-polarisation techniques.

A picture of the MicrofluidicNMR laboratory

Microfluidics Laboratory

The microfluidics laboratory, room 27/1005, is equipped with high-quality microscopes, syringe pumps, and electronics to support the integration of microfluidic lab-on-a-chip technology and NMR

A researcher through the poles of a permanent magnet

Multi-Purpose NMR Laboratory

The multi-purpose NMR laboratory, room 27/1097, is equipped with a 300 MHz and a 400 MHz WB NMR instrument and supports liquid, solid and micro-imaging experiments

A picture of the Mechanical Workshops laboratory

Mechanical Workshops

We have our own workshop facilities for small pieces of equipment, room 30/3045, and also make use of the mechanical workshop services within the Chemistry department and in the rest of the university.

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