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The University of Southampton

Multi-Purpose NMR Laboratory

Researcher installing an audio-frequency NMR coil system
Researcher installing an audio-frequency NMR coil system

300 MHz Avance III Bruker system

This system is constituted by a 7T widebore Oxford Instrument magnet coupled to a Bruker Avance III consolle with a 3-axis gradient system for micro-imaging experiments. It is equipped with a Bruker MICWB40 microimaging probe with 1H and 1H/13C 10mm resonators and a 10mm Varian double resonance observe 1H - 13C/15N probe for liquid samples.

We have built a dual channel 1H/13C transmission line probe optimised for proton detection and able to accomodate microfluidic chips.

The system is also equipped with a sample shuttle and an audio-frequency NMR coil system for measuring relaxation decays at various field strenghts and for preparing long-lived spin states in low magnetic field.

700 MHz NB Bruker Neo system

We have recently purchase a NB 700MHz Bruker system equipped with a Neo consolle and a nitrogen cryoprobe.


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