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The University of Southampton

Research Themes

B2M protein

Biological NMR

We use NMR to understand the dynamics of protein interactions and the mutual effects of biomolecules on membranes  

NMR rotor spinning

Cryogenic NMR

We run NMR experiments at cryogenic temperatures to study physical phenomena such as superconductivity, spin isomerism and quantum rotation

hyperpolariser machine

Hyperpolarised NMR

We develop hardware and methodology in PHIP and dDNP hyperpolarisation techniques for applications in NMR and MRI

the persistence of spin memory

Long-lived spin states

We develop theory and experimental methods to exploit long-lived spin states in NMR and MRI

Probe and microfluid chip design

Microfluidic NMR

We develop hardware and methods to integrate high-resolution NMR spectroscopy into lab-on-chip devices

MRI image of singlet bearing molecules in a 10mm tube

Singlet-Diffusion NMR

We develop methodology to integrate long-lived spin states with diffusion-NMR experiments

Bruker rotors

Solid State NMR

We develop solid-state NMR methodology for applications to biosolids, membrane proteins, catalysts and other materials

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