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The University of Southampton
Mathematical Sciences

Our Staff

List of all staff members in Mathematical Sciences
Marika TaylorProfessor of Theoretical Physics, Head of School
James W AndersonProfessor of Pure Mathematics
Nils AnderssonProfessor of Applied Mathematics
Leor Barack Professor of Theoretical Physics
Jacek BrodzkiProfessor of Pure Mathematics, Deputy Head of School (Research)
Dankmar BöhningProfessor of Medical Statistics
Oscar Campos DiasProfessor of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Director of Service Teaching
Christine CurrieProfessor of Operational Research, Director of CORMSIS
Giampaolo D'AlessandroProfessor of Mathematical Physics
Jörg FliegeProfessor of Operational Research, Head of Operational Research
Jelena GrbicProfessor of Pure Mathematics, Doctoral Programme Director
Carsten GundlachProfessor of Mathematical Physics, Senior Tutor
C. J. HowlsProfessor of Mathematics, Director of the University Doctoral College
Rebecca HoyleProfessor of Applied Mathematics, Associate Dean for Research
David Ian JonesProfessor of Mathematical Physics
Peter KrophollerProfessor of Pure Mathematics
Ian J LearyProfessor of Pure Mathematics
Wei LiuProfessor of Statistics
Zudi LuProfessor of Statistics
Ben MacArthurProfessor of Applied Mathematics
Graham NibloProfessor of Pure Mathematics
Chris PottsProfessor of Operational Research
Hou-Duo QiProfessor of Optimization
Sujit SahuProfessor of Statistics
Kostas SkenderisProfessor of Theoretical Physics, Head of Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics, Director of STAG
Tim SluckinEmeritus Professor
Stephen TheriaultProfessor of Pure Mathematics, Head of Pure Mathematics
James VickersEmeritus Professor
Dave WoodsProfessor of Statistics, Head of Statistics
Selin Damla AhipasaogluAssociate Professor in Operational Research
Stefano ConiglioAssociate Professor in Operational Research
Erengul DoddAssociate Professor of Actuarial Science, Chair of Mathematical Sciences Forum
Ian HawkeAssociate Professor
Carlos LoboAssociate Professor
Armando MartinoAssociate Professor of Pure Mathematics
Ashot MinasyanAssociate Professor of Pure Mathematics
Tri-Dung NguyenAssociate Professor in Operational Research/ Management Sciences
Antony OverstallAssociate Professor of Statistics
Nansen PetrosyanAssociate Professor of Pure Mathematics
Jim H RenshawAssociate Professor of Pure Mathematics, Faculty Admissions Controller
Ruben Sanchez GarciaAssociate Professor of Pure and Applied Mathematics
Andreas SchmittAssociate Professor of Theoretical Physics, Ernest Rutherford Fellow
Nick WrightAssociate Professor of Pure Mathematics, Director of Admissions
Alain ZemkohoAssociate Professor in Operational Research
Bernhard KoeckReader in Pure Mathematics
Giles RichardsonReader in Applied Mathematics
David GammackPrincipal Teaching Fellow, Deputy Head of School (Education)
Vesna PerisicPrincipal Teaching Fellow
Gerard KennedyAssociate Professor of Actuarial Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
Mohamed Amine LkabousLecturer in Actuarial science
Athanassios N. AvramidisLecturer in Operational Research
Philip GreulichLecturer in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
Andy O'BannonLecturer in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Royal Society Research Fellow
Helen OgdenLecturer in Statistics
Vuong PhanLecturer in Operational Research
Jan SpakulaLecturer in Pure Mathematics
Chieh-Hsi WuLecturer in Statistics
Chao ZhengLecturer in Statistics
Inês AnicetoEPSRC Early Career Research Fellow
Prasanta BeraResearch fellow in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
Matthew BurfittResearcher in Applied Algebraic Topology
Federico CaponeEPSRC Doctoral Prize Research Fellow
Nicola CourtierEPSRC Doctoral Prize Research Fellow
Samuel Edward JacksonResearch Fellow in Statistics
Carlos MafraResearch fellow in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
Emily MatthewsResearch Fellow in Statistics
Ingrid Amaranta Membrillo SolisResearch Fellow in Pure
Pantelis PnigourasResearch Fellow
Aaron PooleResearch fellow
Adam PoundRoyal Society University Research Fellow
David TurtonRoyal Society Tata University Research Fellow
Ferdinando ZanchettaLMS early career fellow
Stefanie BiedermannVisiting Fellow
Honora SmithVisiting Fellow within Mathematical Sciences
Wynn HoVisiting Associate Professor
Roger PlymenVisiting Professor
Russell ChengEmeritus Professor
Martin DunwoodyEmeritus Professor
Gareth JonesEmeritus Professor
Ron KingEmeritus Professor
Sue LewisEmeritus Professor
Phil PrescottEmeritus Professor
David SingermanEmeritus Professor
Ray d’InvernoEmeritus Professor of General Relativity
Christopher BaylissVisiting Research Fellow
David ChillingworthVisiting Research Fellow
John DagpunarVisiting Research Fellow
Kyriaki DionysopoulouVisiting Research Fellow
Mariam PirashviliVisiting Research Fellow
Maarten van de MeentVisiting Research Fellow
Ivan KorotkinSenior Research Assistant
Abigail LintonEPSRC Doctoral Prize Senior Research Assistant
Seyed Mohammad GhoreyshiResearch Associate in Operation Research
Barbara SeiterFaculty Senior Administrative Officer
Sara J TrunečkaSenior Administrative Officer, EA to Head of School
Alan KimberVisiting Reader in Statistics
Robin MitraVisiting Lecturer
Peter BecqueCORMSIS Industry Liaison Officer
Julie HickmanCORMSIS Industry Liaison Officer
Benjamin WithersRoyal Society University Research Fellow

    You can view our list of Postgraduate students on our student listing page.

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