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The University of Southampton
Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton

Research project: Biogeography of deepwater chemosynthetic ecosystems (ChEss) - Dormant - Dormant

Currently Active: 

The main aim of ChEss was to determine the biogeography of deep-water chemosynthetic ecosystems at a global scale and to understand the processes driving these ecosystems.

ChEss addressed the main questions of the Census of Marine Life on diversity, abundance and distribution of marine species, focusing on deep-water reducing environments such as hydrothermal vents, cold seeps, whale falls, sunken wood and areas of low oxygen that intersect with continental margins and seamounts.

For more information, visit: ChEss website

Dates: 2002-2010

Contact at the University of Southampton: Dr Maria Baker.

The ChEss project was supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation within the Census of Marine Life initiative (CoML).

PhDs and Other Opportunities




  • Baker, M., Ebbe, B., Hoyer, J., Menot, L., Narayanaswamy, B., Ramirez-Llodra, E., & Steffensen, M. (2007). Deeper than light. Bergen Museum Press.
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