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Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton

Research project: iGlass: Using interglacials to assess future sea level scenarios

Currently Active: 

The iGlass consortium aims to better understand the processes of ice-sheet and sea-level response to climatic forcing, using data from the recent geological past.

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Existing sea-level rise projections do not account for the longer-term changes in global land-based ice volume. Although this ice-sheet contribution to sea-level change develops over decades to centuries, its long-term impact is large and virtually irreversible. It therefore dominates the uncertainty in future sea-level projections.


  • Quantify sea-level variation during interglacial periods (warm periods in between global ice ages)
  • Quantify relationships between global ice volume and climatalogical control processes


  • Acquisition of new sea-level data
  • Geophysical modelling of vertical land movements and gravitational effects, which cause deviations of regional sea level from the global mean trend
  • Investigation of climate/ice-sheet/sea-level interactions using both observations and modelling, to reveal the underlying processes


  • Synthesis and identification of the processes that control the land-ice component of sea-level rise. This will be used to improve projections of plausible future sea-level change and especially the H++ 'extreme rise' scenario

*Supported by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

iGlass poster


University of Southampton

Professor Eelco Rohling
Dr Ivan Haigh (Co-ordinator)
Dr Fiona Hibbert (Research Fellow and Project Manager)
Mrs Felicity Williams

Other members:


Dr Mark Tamisea
Dr Svetlana Jevrejeva
Dr André Düsterhus

British Antarctic Survey

Professor Eric Wolff
Dr Robert Mulvaney
Dr Emilie Capron
Dr Katy Pol

University of Bristol

Professor Tony Payne
Dr Mark Siddall
Dr Dan Lunt
Dr Emma Stone
Dr Joy Singarayer
Mr Matthew Whipple

Durham University

Professor Antony Long
Dr Natasha Barlow

University of Oxford

Professor Gideon Henderson
Dr Karine Wainer

University of York

Professor Roland Gehrels
Dr Margot Saher

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