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The University of Southampton
Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton

Course costs covered by tuition fees

1. Field work

1.1. For compulsory residential field courses we will cover the accommodation costs and the costs of transport whilst on the field courses. However, whether the field courses are in Southampton or away from Southampton, students will be responsible for paying their own subsistence (food/drink) costs.
1.2. For compulsory residential field courses away from Southampton, free return bus transport will be provided from Southampton to field site. If students travel from elsewhere to field site they will be required to meet any costs they incur.
1.3. All 1-day field trip travel costs will be free (as they are now).
1.4. For Geologists undertaking their Year 3 Independent Geological Mapping Project, an allowance will be available to all such students to cover the reasonable travel, subsistence and accommodation costs for the cheapest field work location offered that year (e.g. this year that would be Bulgaria). If students choose to opt for one of the other locations being offered in a given year, they will be expected to pay any difference in costs incurred.

2. Equipment

2.1. We will provide field equipment for Geologists and Geophysicists as required by each cohort of student in Year 1, which will include some or all of the following, depending on subject discipline: field notebooks; compass clinometers; geological hammer; hand lens; hard hat; safety glasses; acid bottle; measuring tape .*
2.2. We will provide one free lab coat to all SOES students at beginning of Year 1.*

(*if any of these items are lost, the student will be expected to replace these items from their own funds)

3. Printing costs

Most written submissions produced during the course of students’ degree programmes will be submitted electronically, and thus not incur any printing costs. However, in the final years of students’ degrees they will be required to produce printed copies of major research/mapping projects, and costs for these will be met by the University.

4. Bus pass

The rental agreement 1st Year students take out with the University of Southampton for accommodation in student Halls of Residence will continue to include a year-long bus pass for use on Uni-link services.


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