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Doctor Scott Soo

Dr Scott Soo

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Conflict, migration and commemoration in contemporary France and Europe
  • Mass internment in France during WWII
  • The Spanish Civil War

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My research focuses on the modern history of conflict, migration and commemoration in France and Europe. Forced displacement and its legacies have been central to my research interests. My DPhil traced the trajectories, experiences and memories of Spanish Civil War refugees in France. The resulting monograph The routes to exile: France and the Spanish Civil War refugees, 1939-2009 (Manchester: Manchester University Press, (2013) explored the impact of the mass 1939 exodus across the Pyrenees, the French internment camps, work and Resistance during WWII, and the commemorative legacies of the refugees in contemporary France. My research also consist of understanding how different but inter-connected histories are reflected through memorial practices at former sites of trauma. 

I serve on the Editorial Board of the journal Diasporas. Circulations, migrations, histoire and also on the Academic Board of the Centre d’Archives et d’Etudes sur les Migrations Ibériques at the Université de Toulouse. I was previously on the Academic Advisory Board of the journal Migrance, published by the French immigration history NGO Génériques and on the Executive Committee of the Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France. As a postgraduate I helped create the University of Sussex Journal of Contemporary History and was Co-Editor.