Emeritus Professor Joanne Roberts

Research interests

  • Knowledge, innovation and creativity, particularly in relation to the field of luxury
  • How knowledge of luxury is acquired and what it means to know what luxury is
  • Knowledge and ignorance in the field of luxury, including how they shape the production, promotion and consumption of luxury goods and services

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Professor Joanne Roberts is Emeritus Professor in Arts and Cultural Management at Winchester School of Art at the University of Southampton, UK.

Joanne gained her PhD at the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies, Newcastle University, UK, and she has held academic posts at the Universities of Durham, Newcastle, and Northumbria, UK. In previous posts Joanne has managed subject groups of more than 30 academics. From July 2016 until July 2018 she was Director of Research at Winchester School of Art.

Joanne’s areas of expertise include creativity and innovation, knowledge management, luxury and international business.