Doctor Nawfal Al Hashimy

Dr Nawfal Al Hashimy

Snr Teaching Fellow in Computer Science

Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Dr. Nawfal Al Hashimy is a distinguished cybersecurity expert affiliated with the University of Southampton. With a passion for technology from an early age, Dr. Al Hashimy pursued a Ph.D. in cybersecurity, focusing on groundbreaking research in intrusion detection systems and anomaly detection algorithms. His work has had significant global impact, influencing both academic and industrial practices.

Currently a Senior Teaching Fellow in Computer Science, Dr. Al Hashimy is dedicated to educating future cybersecurity professionals and spearheading innovative research. He has played a pivotal role in establishing the university's cybersecurity research center, fostering collaboration between academia and industry.

Beyond academia, Dr. Al Hashimy is a sought-after consultant, advising governments and corporations on securing critical infrastructure. He is also committed to public education, delivering lectures and workshops to demystify cybersecurity.

Dr. Al Hashimy is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech, mentoring underrepresented individuals and promoting inclusive practices within the cybersecurity field. His career reflects a steadfast commitment to enhancing digital security and education.