Doctor Annelies Cazemier

Dr Annelies Cazemier

Lecturer in Ancient Greek History

Research interests

  • Ancient Greek world, Hellenistic history, the rise of Rome
  • Greek religion, especially religious sites and their networks
  • Antigonid Macedon and its place in the Hellenistic world

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Annelies Cazemier is an ancient historian who teaches and researches the Greek world and Hellenistic history. She is co-director of the Antigonid Network.

Her main current project is a book on Greek sanctuaries and the rise of Rome. It explores the place of religious sites as points of interaction between Greeks, Romans, and Hellenistic rulers, from the third to first centuries BCE.

Annelies Cazemier previously worked on ancient associations, and she has ongoing interests in the histories of islands and coastal regions in the Aegean and the study of travel and cultural interaction.

From 2019 until 2022, Annelies Cazemier contributed to the international outlook of the department by acting as Internationalisation and Study Abroad Coordinator for History.