Doctor Giulia Felappi

Dr Giulia Felappi


Research interests

  • Philosophy of language
  • Metaphysics
  • History of Early Analytic Philosophy

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Giulia completed her PhD at King’s College London in 2015, where she also held an Analysis Trust Studentship. In 2016, she joined the department of Philosophy at Southampton.

Before moving to the UK with her partner Gabriele, Giulia grew up in Brescia, Italy, and then studied in Milan (San Raffaele) and Pisa (Scuola Normale Superiore), while also being a visiting student at Oxford and NYU.

Giulia works primarily on the intersection between philosophy of language and metaphysics. In particular, she focuses on the nature of contents, propositions and facts and the accounts of propositions and facts in the history of Early Analytic Philosophy.