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Doctor James Turner

Dr James Turner

Research Fellow

Research interests

  • L2 speech learning
  • Phonetics (production and perception)
  • Phonetic drift and L1 attrition

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Dr James Turner is a postdoctoral researcher for the ESRC-funded project DELTEA (Digital Empowerment in Language Teaching), and based in the department of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics. He specialises in foreign language speech learning, with particular interests in phonetics, phonics and attrition. In his current role, he is helping to develop a phonics app for use in French and Spanish primary school classrooms and aims to test its effectiveness in increasing linguistic outcomes among both students and teachers. James is accepting PhD students in the following domains: phonetics (production and perception), foreign language (L2) speech learning, L2 phonics and the use of eye-tracking in linguistic research.