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Doctor Cora Sargeant

Dr Cora Sargeant

Senior Teaching Fellow

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9 publications
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Eleanor Beck, Cora Sargeant & Sarah Wright, 2023, International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology, 15(1), 48-71
Type: article
Hannah Edwards, Sarah Wright, Cora Sargeant, Samuele Cortese & Henry Wood-Downie, 2023, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 65(1), 4-17
Type: review
Jamie Wilson, Cora Sargeant, Natalie Jago & Sarah Wright, 2023, Journal of LGBT Youth
Type: article
Beckett Markland, Cora Sargeant & Sarah Wright, 2023, Teaching and Teacher Education, 124
Type: article
Cora Sargeant, 2022, Psychology of Sexualities Review, 13(1), 43-68
Type: article
Annie McGowan, Sarah Wright & Cora Sargeant, 2022, Educational and Child Psychology, 39(1)
Type: article
Joanne Louise Bennett, Hannah Edwards, Charlotte Finnegan, Rebecca Louise Jones, Caroline Carpenter & Cora Sargeant, 2021, Educational Psychology in Practice, 37(4), 430-447
Type: article
Jenna Read, Cora Sargeant & Sarah Wright, 2020, Educational and Child Psychology, 37(1)
Type: article