Doctor Georgia Andreou

Dr Georgia Andreou

Lecturer in Archaeology & Sustainability

Research interests

  • Landscape Archaeology
  • Maritime Archaeology
  • Eastern Mediterranean

More research


I am a research associate at the Maritime Endangered Archaeology Project (MarEA), the aim of which is the rapid and comprehensive documentation and assessment of endangered maritime archaeological sites. At MarEA I have used my expertise in GIS and remote sensing to produce a record of endangered sites in Eastern Mediterranean and the Arabian Peninsula. I have also developed two separate sub-projects. The first examines the impact of tropical cyclones on coastal archaeological sites in Oman. The second project contextualises maritime archaeology in the broader ecological and humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

More broadly, my research examines how traditional perceptions of the ancient environment affect the way we collect archaeological data and produce broader historical narratives. I have explored these themes via funded research projects and publications, the most recent of which reflects on the ontological and ethical dimensions of big data in maritime archaeology.

My most recently funded project establishes a baseline for the study of maritime cultural heritage in the Gaza strip through a combination of remote sensing and in situ documentation of vulnerable sites dating between the Neolithic and the Iron Age. I am also one of the co-directors of the Kalavasos and Maroni Built Environment Project, an international, interdisciplinary project excavating two Late Bronze Age sites on the island of Cyprus.