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Doctor Jared Charles

Dr Jared Charles

Research Fellow

Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Doctor Jared Charles is a Research Fellow in the Centre of Excellence in Intelligent & Resilient Ocean Engineering, part of the activities of the Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies in Intelligent & Resilient Ocean Engineering, at the University of Southampton. He is part of the Infrastructure Group within the Department of Civil and Maritime Engineering, part of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

His research is focussed on developing novel technologies for geotechnical characterisation of seabeds with reduced vessel support and optimisation of offshore foundation and anchor design accommodating spatially variable seabeds. His work relies on mathematical, numerical, and physical model testing with particular emphasis on the role of emerging technologies in improving engineering outcomes. The motivation of his research is to assist the global transition to offshore renewable energy. 

Jared graduated with a first class MEng degree in Civil and Structural Engineering from the University of Sheffield in 2016. He was later awarded a PhD at the University of Sheffield in 2021. His thesis, “Reconstruction of Soil Stress-Strain Response Using Optimisation” demonstrated and validated a methodology by which optimisation and the conservation of energy can be used to recover a soil stress-strain response from imaging and loading data.