Professor David Thomas

Professor David Thomas

Professor in Computer Engineering

Research interests

  • Event-driven Computing
  • FPGAs
  • Digital Architectures

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I studied Computer Science as an undergrad at the Dept. of Computing in Imperial,
then did my PhD in digital architectures in the same department. After 5 years as
a researcher associate and then research fellow, in 2010 I moved to the Dept. of Electrical
and Electronic Engineer at Imperial as a Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer. In 2021 I joined
the Electronics and Computer Science Dept. as a Professor. Both my research and teaching
interests are at the intersection of software and hardware, particularly in the interaction and
relationshops between programming languages, algorithms, computer achitecture and digital
implementation. A lot of my research involves the use of FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate
Arrays), as they provide a great playground for exploring and implementing new digital architectures,
such as custom CPUs, application-specific accelerators, or new programming paradigms such
as event-driven computing.