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Miss Jessica Rawlings

Miss Jessica Rawlings

Research interests

  • PhD Thesis: Constraining ascent velocities of kimberlite magma using diffusion chronometry
  • Kimberlites are an enigmatic igneous rock sometimes containing diamonds. Kimberlite magmas are sourced from mantle depths and ascend rapidly due to their high volatile contents. Despite their scientific and economic importance, many aspects of kimberlite formation, ascent and eruption remain unknown. This project will examine the youngest and freshest kimberlites globally, the Igwisi Hills Volcanoes (IHV), Tanzania. Zoning patterns in olivine crystals and xenoliths will be examined to mechanically understand the evolution and ascent of kimberlite magma. Specifically, diffusion chronometry, primarily of Fe-Mg in olivine, and Li in olivine, will be used to constrain ascent velocities of kimberlite magmas.

More research


Address: National Oceanography Centre, Waterfront Campus European Way, SO14 3ZH


Jessica is a 1st year PhD student in the School of Ocean and Earth Sciences, University of Southampton. She is a member of the Geology and Geophysics Research Group. Jessica is an aspiring Volcanologist, specialising in kimberlite volcanism and timescales of volcanic processes. 

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