Doctor Jen Dickinson

Dr Jen Dickinson

Lecturer in Development Geographies

Research interests

  • models of diaspora mobilisation and governance, including policy at the national and international levels, the role of diaspora civil society and civil society, diplomacy & geopolitics
  • the impacts of diaspora economic and political mobilisation in origin countries, particularly on inequality, cultural heritage landscapes & tourism development
  • diaspora youth political voice & agency as active citizens

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I am a political and development geographer. My research investigates the basis on which governments, civil society and international organisations are (re)defining the role of overseas diaspora communities in development; and how diaspora communities are mobilised to contribute to creative economies, tourist landscapes and heritage sectors of low-income countries. Drawing from feminist and postcolonial approaches, I explore the growth of diaspora policies and diplomatic practices (which are increasingly digital), and how they are received, gain foothold and achieve momentum amongst diaspora communities situated across a wide range of geo-historical contexts and with multiple overlapping identities. Empirically, I work on Indian diasporic civil society, and on second-generation Rwandan diaspora youth & their engagements with heritage, peace and reconciliation initiatives in Rwanda