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Dr Rahman Attar


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Dr Rahman Attar is a computer scientist who specialises in artificial medical intelligence. He currently holds the position of a Lecturer (equivalent to a tenured Assistant Professor in the USA) at the Department of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS), University of Southampton, UK. He leads the ATTAR Lab, teaches Intelligent Systems and Data Management modules, and serves as an academic integrity officer at ECS. Before joining ECS, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Imperial College London. Dr Attar has completed his BEng, MPhil, and PhD, all in Computer Science and Engineering, with the support of prestigious and competitive full scholarships. He completed his PhD at the University of Sheffield and the University of Leeds under the supervision of Professor Alex Frangi. His research is focused on developing ethical, fair, and bias-free AI technologies that can improve healthcare strategies. Dr Attar has completed several academic and industrial projects, co-authored more than 30 journal and conference papers (Google Scholar), and served as a reviewer and PC member for several leading journals and conferences. Additionally, he has provided consultancy services on various academic and industrial projects. Recognised for his contributions, he is a senior member of IEEE, a member of IET, and a Fellow of HEA.


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Research Interest

  • Artificial Medical Intelligence
  • Medical Image Computing
  • Biomedical Image Analysis
  • Data Science in Medicine