Doctor Janek Gryta

Dr Janek Gryta

Lecturer in Holocaust History

Research interests

  • Holocaust studies
  • history of State Socialism 
  • memory studies

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I am a Polish historian interested in Holocaust studies, the history of State Socialism and memory studies. In the past, my research focused on the role of the memory of the Holocaust in challenging anti-Semitism in Poland. My first book spotlighted the potential of Holocaust exhibitions and heritage projects to reintegrate the history of Jews and Jewish suffering into the history of Poland. My present research focuses predominantly on forgotten Jewish activism and its impact on the collective memory in Poland under State Socialism. I am currently working on a monograph that will bring to scholarly attention unknown Holocaust memorials created in the 1960s and comment on their reception in provincial Poland.

Simultaneously, I am developing a new public history project entitled ‘Youth Aliyah and Jewish Children: Escaping the Holocaust to the UK’. The project involves my students, alumni and partners from local schools. Exhibiting the understudied histories of Jewish children brought to the UK from Nazi Germany as part of the Youth Aliyah the project asks questions about past and present attitudes to immigrants and asylum seekers.