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Dr Adam Geraghty BSc MSc PhD CPsychol FHEA

Assoc Prof Psychology & Behavioural Med

Research interests

  • Self-management of pain and other chronic symptoms/conditions
  • Mental health
  • Digital interventions for primary care and public health

Accepting applications from PhD students

Dr Adam Lewis

Associate Professor Physiotherapy (Resp)

Mr Adam Meylan-Stevenson

Research interests

  • John Stuart Mill’s harm principle
  • John Stuart Mill's political theory
  • Public Policy

Mr Adam Murphy

Mr Adam Parks

Dr Adam Pound

Principal Research Fellow

Research interests

  • General Relativity
  • Sources of gravitational waves
  • Black holes

Accepting applications from PhD students

Dr Adam Procter

Principal Teaching Fellow

Research interests

  • Ethical technology
  • Humane technology
  • Human Centred Design

Professor Adam Prugel-Bennett

Prof of Electronics & Computer Science

Dr Adam Robinson

Research Fellow in Geophysics

Research interests

  • Seismic refraction and tomography
  • Seismic anisotropy
  • Mid-ocean ridges at a range of spreading rates