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Dr Ahmad Alshehabi

Lecturer in Accounting

Research interests

  • Asset impairments
  • Earnings management
  • Corporate governance 

Mr Ahmad Alzahrani

Research interests

  • Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education 
  • Assessment Identity 
  • English as a Medium of Education 

Dr Ahmad Atamli

Lecturer in Cyber Security

Dr Ahmad Maaitah

Lecturer in Finance and FinTech

Research interests

  • Forecasting in Financial Markets
  • FinTech
  • Cryptocurrency and Smart contract

Accepting applications from PhD students

Dr Ahmed Abozaid

Teaching Fellow in Internationl Security

Mr Ahmed AL-Shuaili BSc (Hons), MA, MSc

Research interests

  • Demand and capacity modelling for sustainable and Future transport.Design, monitor, and evaluate transport interventions to promote sustainable choices.Future mobility and the transitions to net zero carbon.Urban Air Mobility and Air Transport Modelling and Design.Transport safetyAccident investigation and analysisRegulations and policies

Mr Ahmed Elgaziari

Part Time Lecturer