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Professor Adam Sobey

Professor of Data-Centric Engineering

Accepting applications from PhD students

Dr Aditya Narayanan PhD

Research Fellow in Physical Oceanography

Research interests

  • Open ocean polynya.Southern Ocean dynamics.Antarctic continental shelf and continental shelf break processes.Production of Dense Shelf Waters.Circumpolar Deep Water intrusion onto the continental shelf.Coast-ward heat transport around Antarctica.

Mr Adnan Akhtar

Mr Adrian Bodenmann

Senior Research Fellow

Research interests

  • High-resolution visual seafloor mapping for benthic habitat mapping and subsea infrastructure monitoring
  • Remote awareness for autonomous offshore mapping operations
  • Uncertainty characterisation in digital 3D reconstructions

Mr Adrian Hickford

Senior Research Assistant

Research interests

  • Methods to assess future changes to national and regional infrastructure systems
  • Promoting use of active travel and sustainable transport and improvements to road safety
  • Sustainable distribution and freight