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The University of Southampton
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Dr Claire Hart BSc, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr Claire Hart's photo

Dr Claire Hart is an Associate Professor within Psychology at the University of Southampton.

I completed my PhD in Social Psychology at the University of Southampton in 2005. I then spent 4 years working as a research fellow, also at the University of Southampton. I left in April 2009 to become a lecturer at Southampton Solent University until September 2010, and returned to the University of Southampton as a lecturer in October 2010.

Research interests

My research is located in the area of quantitative social/personality psychology. In particular, I conduct research on narcissistic dysfunction in the interpersonal domain.

Work in Progress

I am currently involved in projects investigating:

  • the buffering role of procedural fairness in organisational settings
  • the self-presentation of narcissists
  • nostalgia and narcissism
  • narcissism and social support
  • narcissism and empathy
  • narcissism and mimicry
  • narcissism and bullying
  • narcissism and prosocial behaviours
  • narcissism and crime
  • narcissism and parenting
  • narcissism and consumerism
  • narcissism and educational goals

Research group

Centre for Research on Self and Identity (CRSI)

Research project(s)

Narcissism and Empathy

Narcissism and consumer behaviour

Director of Undergraduate Programme.

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Book Chapters

  • Hart, C. M., Hepper, E. G., & Sedikides, C. (2018). Understanding and mitigating narcissists' low empathy. In A. Hermann, A. Brunell, & J. Foster (Eds.), Handbook of Trait Narcissism: Key Advances, Research Methods, and Controversies (pp. 335-343). Cham: Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-92171-6_36
  • Sedikides, C., Hart, C. M., & Cisek, S. Z. (Accepted/In press). Narcissistic consumption. In T. Hermann, A. Brunnell, & J. Foster (Eds.), The Handbookof Trait Narcissim: Key Advances, Reseach Methods, and Controversies New York: Springer New York.
  • Hart, C. M., Hepper, E. G., & Sedikides, C. (Accepted/In press). Understanding and mitigating narcissists’ low empathy. In T. Hermann, A. Brunell, & J. Foster (Eds.), The handbook of trait narcissism: Key advances, research methods, and controversies New York: Springer New York.
  • Sedikides, C., Hart, C. M., Cisek, S. Z., & Routledge, C. (2013). Finding meaning in the mirror: the existential pursuits of narcissists. In J. A. Hicks, & C. Routledge (Eds.), The Experience of Meaning in Life. Classical Perspectives, Emerging Themes, and Controversies (pp. 189-200). Dordrecht, NL: Springer.
  • Sedikides, C., Cisek, S. S., & Hart, C. (Accepted/In press). Narcissists as consumers. In J. D. Miller, & W. K. Campbell (Eds.), The Handbook of Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Theoretical Approaches, Empirical Findings, and Treatments Oxford, GB: Wiley.
  • Gregg, A. P., Sedikides, C., & Hart, C. M. (2008). Self and identity: definition and overview. In S. Berjot, & B. Paty (Eds.), Stress et faire face aux menaces du soi et de l'identité (pp. 21-31). (Série Stress, santé, société; Vol. 4). France: ÉPURE - Éditions et Presses universitaires de Reims.
  • Sedikides, C., De Cremer, D., Hart, C., & Brebels, L. (1970). Procedural fairness responses in the context of self-uncertainty. In Handbook of the Uncertain Self (pp. 142-159). Oxford, UK: Routledge.
  • PSYC1014: The Psychology of Attractiveness
  • PSYC6046: Advanced Statistical Methods in Psychology
  • Undergraduate, MCs, DEdPsy, DClin, and PhD Supervision.
Dr Claire Hart
Building 44 Highfield Campus University of Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number: 44/4011

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