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Clinical research data services

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About the Clinical research data services

The Clinical Informatics Research Unit (CIRU) is designed to improve the quality and effectiveness of clinical research. We also uncover new research questions and encourage innovation.

Our work explores the organisation, analysis, management and use of data in health care. We apply methodologies to real clinical issues and are available for consultancy. 

The services are grouped in 5 areas:

  • clinical trials management
  • form design
  • data integration
  • global health research analysis
  • clinical innovation

Part of: Clinical Informatics Research Unit

Technical specification

Clinical trials management

Our cloud-based clinical trials management system 'EDGE' gives you access to real-time data quickly, whenever you need it. You can track and manage studies from start to finish with oversight of patient recruitment.

Edge is used in 80% of the NHS and and many countries around the world. It includes:

  • project workflows
  • finance tracking
  • document management
  • field creation
  • staff management
  • patient management
  • electronic delegation log
  • reporting

Learn more by visiting the EDGE website.

Form design

We design, build and run online forms for clinical trials in the UK and overseas using our 'CORE' product. Services include:

  • database build
  • data hosting
  • expert advice for funding applications, statistics support and protocol authoring advice
  • data services including data management and data quality checking

Learn more by visiting the CORE website.

Data integration

'AXIS' is a product created by the NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre to improve the quality and quantity of clinical care services data. It offers a way to safely share and access information. It provides seamless data extraction, transformation and integration.

Services include:

  • advanced data analysis, extraction, cleansing, transformation and validation
  • feasibility investigation support
  • genomic and processed genomic data hosting

Learn more by visiting the AXIS website.

Global health research analysis

'RESIN' is a service that analyses global health research investments made from public and philanthropic funding. We use data from sources including the Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Using dynamic, real-time data our services include:

  • detailed analysis and interpretation of health research investments
  • infectious disease research investments datasets
  • customised visualisations showing health research spending trends
  • translating near real-time use of research evidence into policy and practice
  • access to a network of global health stakeholders

Learn more by visiting the RESIN website.

Clinical innovation

We develop custom healthcare applications using informatics. Our 'KITE' services include:

  • analysing ideas and offering advice regarding potential solutions
  • developing and testing prototypes
  • developing scalable software applications

Learn more by visiting the KITE website.

Contact us

Contact us

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Clinical Informatics Research Unit, MP 852, Coxford Road, Southampton  SO16 5AF
We’re open Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00 UK time