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Radiochemistry facility

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About the Radiochemistry facility

The NNUF-EXACT (Next Generation Accelerated Characterisation Technologies) facility aims to be a world-leading centre for radiochemistry. We provide research and training in the accelerated nuclear characterisation and remediation technologies which underpin:

  • civil nuclear programmes
  • decommissioning and site clean-up
  • new nuclear infrastructure.

We are part of the government's National Nuclear User Facility (NNUF) project. NNUF is a distributed centre of excellence in nuclear science and technology. We are funded through the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

NNUF-EXACT is based at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC). We provide an accessible test-bed facility and supporting infrastructure for:

  • research
  • technology development
  • validation and training 

The facility also offers the opportunity to handle radioactive test materials and radiotracers.


We train project managers, site engineers and radiochemists. We've developed our training programme in collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), our EXACT training partner. We provide courses on all aspects of nuclear characterisation, remediation and analysis.


We are open to users from academia and industry in the UK and to researchers from abroad. You can apply to use the facility through:


Technical specification

Our facilities support the evaluation of new technologies through flexible, user-configurable workspaces and equipment.

Main laboratory

This is a large open plan laboratory space which includes 8 fume cupboards and a glove box system to provide containment for projects and sample handling. We provide mobile benching, power and data. These are configurable to specific project requirements. A modular flow rig system is also available to assist with testing of on-line and in-situ technologies.

Project laboratory

This laboratory is suited to sensor testing and development. It is primarily intended as a low-hazard wet/dry project space, equipped with mobile benching and can also include mobile dust extraction if required.

Sample preparation laboratory

This laboratory provides the capability to prepare a wide range of materials for project applications and analysis. These include:

  • precision cutting
  • grinding
  • drying/igniting.

It also includes a HEPA extracted workstation for sample handling.

Instrument suite

This suite contains a range of ‘in-house’ instrumentation intended to provide rapid, easy-to-use analytical capability. This includes:

  • automated gamma analysis
  • liquid scintillation counting
  • portable high-resolution gamma spectrometry (CZT)
  • surface/pore area analysis.

Radiochemistry facility

Contact us

Get in touch to find out more about our facility and how we might be able to work with you.
NNUF-EXACT Facility, University of Southampton, National Oceanography, European Way, Southampton. SO14 3ZH

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