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Centre for Developmental Origins of Health and Disease


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Shiao-Yng Chan,
See Ling Loy,
Hsin Fang Chan,
Jui-Tsung Wong,
Heidi Nield,
, 2023 , Fertility and Sterility , 119 (6) , 1031--1042
Type: article
Harry D. Green,
Stefania D'Angelo,
Justin H. Davies,
Elizabeth M. Curtis,
, 2023 , Osteoporosis International , 34 (7) , 1269--1279
Type: article
Elizabeth Curtis,
Stefania D'angelo,
Nicholas J. Bishop,
Jaya Sujatha Gopal-Kothandapani ,
Stephen Kennedy,
Aris T. Papageorghiou,
Robert Fraser,
Saurabh V. Gandhi,
Inez Schoenmakers,
Ann Prentice,
M. Kassim Javaid,
Richard Eastell,
, 2022 , Journal of Bone and Mineral Research
Type: article
Brogan Ashley,
Claire Simner,
Antigoni Manousopoulou,
Carl Jenkinson,
Felicity Hey,
Jennifer M. Frost,
Faisal I Rezwan,
Cory H White,
Emma Lofthouse,
Emily Hyde,
Pamela A Mahon,
Elizabeth Curtis,
Kerry S. Jones,
Martin Hewison,
Spiros Garbis,
Miguel R. Branco,
, 2022 , eLife , 11
Type: article
Rebecca J Moon,
Stefania D’angelo,
Elizabeth M Curtis,
Alexandra J Kermack,
Justin H Davies,
Nicholas J Bishop,
Stephen H Kennedy,
Ann Prentice,
Inez Schoenmakers,
Robert Fraser,
Saurabh V Gandhi,
Muhammad Kassim Javaid,
Aris T Papageorghiou,
, 2022 , Journal of Public Health
Type: article
Pooja Khurana,
Andrew Lee Cox,
Barira Islam,
Judith Eckert,
Joanna Mary Gould,
Patrick C McHugh,
, 2022 , Stem Cells Reviews and Reports
Type: article
Kathryn R. Hesketh,
Soren Brage,
& Esther M.F. van Sluijs
, 2022 , Journal of Physical Activity and Health , 19 (8) , 558 -- 565
Type: article
Stefania D'angelo,
Elizabeth Curtis,
Justin Davies,
, 2022 , Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism , 107 (8) , E3403--E3410
Type: article
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