Centre for Justice Studies

Our research

Find out about the areas of research we investigate.

Our work centres upon criminal law, criminal justice, and theories of crime, justice, and punishment. The Centre Director is Professor David Gurnham. 

We apply a range of disciplinary approaches that expand our understanding not only of the current state of the law and justice system, but what future notions and substantive instantiations of ‘justice’ could look like. These approaches include those deriving from arts and humanities, political studies, socio-legal analysis, criminology, jurisprudence, and the sociology of punishment.

Our substantive expertise spans areas including:

  • International criminal law
  • Arts, humanities, and the criminal law
  • Normative foundations of the criminal law
  • Politics, policymaking, and criminal justice
  • Jurisprudence
  • Probation
  • Parole