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The School of Electronics and Computer Science's CMI is a platform involving researchers and practitioners with the aim to deliver the impact of machine intelligence to society.

CMI brings together research from across the department and the University in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, web and internet science, and autonomous systems.

Machine intelligence has been at the centre of the research activities of the University for more than 20 years. The department has generated over £50m of funding for machine intelligence technologies in the last 10 years across 30 medium to large research projects. 

We have over 30 academics and researchers working on the fundamental underpinnings of artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, machine learning, and web and internet science. Their contributions have had a major impact – rated 4* by the Research Evaluation Framework – in a number of real-world domains such as disaster response, smart energy systems, precision healthcare, blockchain technology, and security. 

Centre for Machine Intelligence Board



Haiming Liu
Dr Haiming Liu is an Associate Professor at the WAIS research Group of ECS. Haiming specialises in understanding users’ preferences and behaviours during their information access processes. 


Centre for Machine Intelligence Board

Corina Cirstea
Corina Cirstea is a lecturer and holds a DPhil in Computation from the University of Oxford (2000). She was the holder of a Junior Research Fellowship in Computer Science at St. John's College Oxford prior to joining Southampton.

Kate Farrahi
Kate is an assistant professor focused on machine learning, particularly deep learning applied to health-related applications. She is interested in developing techniques to address novel sensor-driven healthcare problems.

Jonathon Hare
Jonathon's research interests lie in the area of multimedia data mining, analysis and retrieval, with a particular focus on large-scale multimodal approaches. This research area is at the convergence of machine learning and computer vision.

Luis-Daniel Ibáñez
Luis-Daniel is a Lecturer. He has interests in Data Science support systems including Dataset Discovery, pricing and valuation. He also has interests in interfaces for learning Data Science.

Shoaib Jameel
Shoaib Jameel’s research interests are in natural language processing and information retrieval applied to the education domain. His research goal is to develop computational methods that will automatically create geographically personalised reading.

Sasan Mahmoodi
He is currently an associate professor with research interests in biometrics, medical image analysis, computer vision, and machine learning. Dr. Mahmoodi has been the primary investigator of Gait Analysis Project funded by DSTL.

Stuart Middleton
Stuart Middleton is an Associate Professor at the AIC research group of ECS. His research interest lies in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) areas of information extraction and human-in-the-loop NLP.

Ibrahim Sari

Ibrahim leads end-to-end development and commercialisation of electrical and electronics systems. He has a track record in business development and organisational operations by catalysing business growth, driving cross-disciplinary collaborations, and scaling operations from research to market readiness. He applies technical expertise in semiconductor technology and complex data analytics. Ibrahim is highly motivated and persistent in tackling operational and technical challenges in state-of-the-art technologies.

Mohammad Soorati

Mohammad is interested in human-swarm interaction, swarm robotics, trust in human-swarm teaming, aerial swarms, and evolutionary/bio-robotics. He is an associate editor of ICRA, an academic editor of the PLOS ONE Journal, sponsor chair of ANTS.

Thanassis Tiropanis
Thanassis is professor at the Web and Internet Science Group. His expertise is in decentralised data architectures, distributed linked data infrastructures, semantic technologies.

Jize Yan

Jize drives innovations in Meta-lenses and Vortex-beam sensors, Distributed fiber optic sensors, MEMS/Optomechanical/Optical sensors, Wireless sensor networks, Energy harvesting for sensors and Cleanroom fabrication. His research develops precise instruments to explore quantum theory's boundaries, serving as a testbed for theoretical predictions, such as gravity-related collapse models, topological quantum computers, and new frontiers in holographic duality.

Steering Committee 

The members of the committee include respected academics and representatives from Industry. Under their guidance, the CMI aims to broaden its impact and reach out to communities employing machine intelligence in their research and practice. Our current members are: 

Steve Beeby - Professor of Electronic Systems & Device

Enrico Gerding - Professor

Koushik Maharatna - Professor Signal Processing System Design

Tim Norman - Head of School

Stephen Prior - Readership in Unmanned Air Vehicles

Gopal Ramchum - Professor of Artificial Intelligence

Michalis Zervas - Professor of Optical Communications


Related Staff Member  

The members who are not in the board but worked with CMI in the past: 

Steffen Staab - Professor for Web and Computer Science 

Dr. Danesh Tarapore - Lecturer 

Prof. Mike Wald - Professor of Computer Science 

Dr. Sebastian Stein - Associate Professor 

Prof. Kirk Martinez - Professor of Computer Science