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Centre for Maritime Archaeology

About us

We provide a focus for maritime archaeological research at the University of Southampton.

We are committed to the promotion and practice of maritime archaeology. Since 1995, we have provided expertise in research and education. Our members engage in diverse international research and fieldwork projects. We have strong links with UK universities, global academic institutions, and the commercial and curatorial sectors.

Our centre's work is multidisciplinary, drawing on the University’s established excellence in archaeology and heritage, marine science, history, geography, English, digital humanities and ship science. We also collaborate with industry partners, NGOs, the media and policy makers.

 Current projects include underwater survey, excavation, digital documentation and heritage conservation in UK waters, as well as the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Red Sea, Indian Ocean and the Pacific. We work with colleagues and communities globally towards the protection of maritime heritage.  

Our membership includes lecturers, research fellows, postdoctoral researchers, and PhD and master's students. We provide an inclusive, collaborative and energetic research environment. Our research students and postdoctoral researchers have access to cutting-edge technology and training. Availability of quality research and access to wider networks help professional development.

Our approach to teaching is research-led. Our students enjoy hands-on learning through participation in active research projects. We draw on diverse methodologies, including:

  • marine geophysics
  • marine geoarchaeology
  • palaeogeographic reconstruction
  • underwater survey and excavation
  • GIS analysis
  • archival research
  • experimental archaeology
  • ethnography

Our research and teaching make us leaders in maritime archaeological theory, method and practice. Our expertise spans the academic and commercial spheres.