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Specialised Communication Module

The Understanding Consequences Risk Communication E-learning Module: a specialised risk communication module for clinicians, developed by Dr Lucy Brindle.

This module is for health care professionals working with men diagnosed with low or intermediate risk prostate cancer. It aims to enhance communication about active surveillance and treatment. This will help health professionals to ensure patients receive the support and information they need to understand their diagnosis, and make informed decisions about treatment. 

The Understanding Consequences Study was funded by Prostate Cancer UK (PCUK) in collaboration with Movember. 

The module is available on PCUK’s online platform or you can register for the module with the University of Southampton.

Evaluating the module and capturing impact on clinical practice

There is no charge for this module but please complete the surveys to help us improve the module.

  • A brief embedded survey to capture key learning relevant to current clinical practice.
  • An email survey 6 weeks following registration to capture any impact on practice.  

A Higher Education Innovation Funding Award, and an ESRC Impact Acceleration Account Award supported the development of: 

  • IT processes for user registration
  • surveys to capture knowledge exchange and impact
  • automated follow up (UoS-HCPelearn Impact Capture)

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