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Clinical Ethics, Law and Society (CELS)

About us

Learn more about the group and the challenges we address.

Technological advances

Rapid technological advances promise to provide improvements in medical care, yet their implementation requires understanding of many contextual factors.  

New technologies bring their own set of challenges that must be addressed if they are to be successfully integrated into practice and deliver long term positive change.  

The CELS group brings together interdisciplinary expertise to address the ethical, legal and psychosocial issues of implementing new technologies through research, education, policy engagement and public dialogue. 

Our approach

CELS researches real-life issues that are sometimes missing from these celebrated promises for science and healthcare practice through interdisciplinary approaches. 

Examples of our research include issues related to: 

  • ethical preparedness in Genomic Medicine (EPPiGen)
  • environmental sustainability and personalised medicine 
  • diversifying genomic data 
  • exploring how results are constructed in whole genome approaches 
  • familial communication of genetic information 
  • consent and confidentiality in genomic medicine