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Cyber Security Academy

About us

Read about our professional training and consultancy services.

We stand as one of the pioneering recipients of investments made by the U.K. National Cyber Security Centre and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) under Her Majesty's Government's CyberInvest scheme. We take pride in our steadfast engagement with governmental agencies, academia, and leading industrial entities, dedicating our efforts to drive research, innovation, education, training, and outreach in the realm of cybersecurity. 

The Cyber Security Academy (CSA) has been strategically formed to combat the relentless cybersecurity threats that afflict us daily. These threats encompass a wide spectrum, from the pervasive attacks on individual privacy to the rampant proliferation of ransomware and extend to the most sophisticated nation-sponsored cyber campaigns. 

The CSA boasts a diverse cohort of researchers from various disciplines, including Computer Science, Engineering, Law, Management, Mathematics, Nano-Electronics, Psychology, Sociology, and Web Science. This interdisciplinary representation underscores the Academy's commitment to addressing the multifaceted nature of cybersecurity threats, encompassing human, organizational, and technical dimensions, as well as the intricate interplay between them. 

Currently, the Academy enjoys sponsorship from the U.K. Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) and has fostered collaborative relationships with esteemed industry leaders, including Northrop-Grumman, Roke Manor Research, BAE Systems, and the South East Regional Cyber Crime Unit (SEROCU). 

Moreover, we have developed a globally leading Professional Development program that spans a wide array of domains relevant to both cyber and physical systems security. This comprehensive program encompasses topics such as semiconductor chip security, computer architectures, cloud infrastructures, supply chain security, Internet of Things devices, digital forensics, artificial intelligence, threat analysis, risk assessment, cryptography, and blockchain. 

Furthermore, the Academy offers tailored consultancy services. We firmly believe that fostering broad-based, constructive collaborations with companies and organizations within this dynamic research landscape is the most effective means to deliver multidisciplinary, and ultimately, highly effective cybersecurity solutions.