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Environmental Hydraulics


Learn about the miscellaneous resources that we produce for a wide public.


Our group produces a newsletter approximately every month, with material mainly of interest for our undergrad students. Note that some cover two months, so will be linked under both the months covered. Explore our newsletters and find your favourite topics.

Find out more about our Editor, Dr Gerald Müller


Find below some of the freely available software developed in our group and their descriptions:

  • Debris Afflux Calculator: This software was developed as part of the NERC project DEBRIEF. The tool is aimed at helping engineers to assess backwater effects (Afflux) induced by the accumulation of large wood debris at bridge piers.

Technical reports

A Guide to the effects of debris accumulations at river bridges

Educational Materials

Some of the learning material developed in our group includes:

Tutorial videos on introductory hydraulics

Author: Tom Martin (3rd year student MEng Civil Engineering)

This is a YouTube playlist devoted to introductory topics of hydraulics, such as Bernoulli’s equation and flow in pipes. The videos are complemented by some worked examples on:

Tutorial videos on introductory fluid mechanics

Author: Max Ng (3rd year student MEng Mechanical Engineering)

This is a YouTube playlist devoted to introductory topics of fluid mechanics, such as the Navier-Stokes equations and Linear Wave Theory (which is mainly employed in coastal and ocean engineering).

Lecture notes

Lecture notes on: