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Global Health Community of Practice

About us

As a Community of Practice (CoP) we are a group of members who aim to enhance the successes in Global Health impact.

The CoP has been created with the goal of improving knowledge related to a Global Health. Our members learn from each other through the process of sharing information and experiences with the group. 

Utilising an interdisciplinary, cross Faculty approach to Global Health our members address current and emerging transnational issues in population health and wellbeing and their determinants in a wider socio-behavioural, spatial, political, cultural, environmental, healthcare and technological context. 

Broadly speaking our members research areas include: 

  • Infectious disease  
  • Non-communicable diseases 
  • Ageing and Lifelong Health 
  • Big data and health  
  • Sustainable development and health 
  • Lifecourse Epidemiology 
  • Lifecourse Nutrition  
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics  
  • Adolescent Health 

What is the Community of Practice? 

Anyone working within the field of global Health is welcome to join the CoP. It is an interactive platform for people to be involved in and learn from. 

Together our members: 

  • Collate and update funding opportunities in the field of Global Health 
  • Share knowledge and expertise in Global Health  
  • Facilitate networking internal and external to the UoS and support each other finding international partners 
  • Share events happening in Global Health  

Our UoS members, events, opportunities for communications and interaction can be found on the SharePoint site