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Southampton High Energy Physics group

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The main idea of CalcHEP is to enable one to go directly from the Lagrangian to the cross sections and distributions effectively, with a high level of automation. The package can be compiled on any Unix platform. 

Fortran HERWIG 

HERWIG is a Fortran Monte Carlo package for simulating Hadron Emission Reactions with Interfering Gluons. 


SUtree is Mathematica-based software package and database for the investigation of discrete subgroups of SU(3). It accompanies the paper 1110.4891 [hep-ph]. In case you use SUtree (or parts of it) to produce a scientific publication or a talk, then please give proper academic credit to us by citing our paper (and not this webpage). 

Download SUtree 

Put the file into the directory you like, extract it, and then open the example file "ExampleNotebookSUtree.mb" with Mathematica to explore SUtree (note that we have used Mathematica 7 and do not guarantee the package to work perfectly with other versions of Mathematica). 


  • Numerical lists of sixty-one SU(3) subgroups with 3D irreps (crystallographic groups and groups with order<512) 
  • Molien & generating functions 
  • Primary and secondary invariant polynomials 
  • Syzygies for (nearly) all secondary invariants  
  • Translations between invariants and VEVs in SO(3) and SU(3)-bases 
  • Character tables 
  • Kronecker products 
  • Branching rules 


XQCAT - eXtra Quark Combined Analysis Tool - is a tool able to determine exclusion Confidence Levels (eCLs) for scenarios of new physics characterised by the presence of one or multiple heavy extra quarks with generic couplings to Standard Model states. 


INSPIRE is a trusted High-Energy Physics community content hub that helps researchers to share and find accurate scholarly information in high energy physics.