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Photonic Systems, Circuits and Sensors Group

About us

Discover what we do and how we carry out our research.

We are a multidisciplinary group in the Optoelectronics Research Centre. As a group, we have made significant contributions to the field of photonics.  

We are comprised of the following groups: 

Our work and its applications

We specialize in the design, fabrication and characterisation of photonics integrated circuits and devices based on material platforms like: 

  • silicon 

  • silicon dioxide 

  • germanium 

  • silicon nitride 

  • chalcogenides 

  • ferroelectrics  

Our group members work on devices and their implementation in a number of important application areas, including: 

  • transceivers for tele- and data-communications 

  • LiDAR for autonomous cars and imaging applications 

  • gas sensors for environmental monitoring and industrial process control 

  • quantum technology for multiple applications 

  • medical sensors for detection of cancer or infectious diseases, and for therapeutic drug monitoring 

We develop circuits and systems for agriculture and food processing, and we investigate important nonlinear effects for light generation and processing signals at ultrafast speeds.  

Lots of effort is devoted to integration of photonics circuits with electronics, microfluidic channels, and micromechanical systems. We also develop fabrication processing for mass manufacturing of photonics devices. 

State of the art fabrication tools available in the cleanroom complex are used to demonstrate numerous world’s leading results. Our researchers are leading grants awarded by: 

  • the EPSRC 

  • the EU 

  • the Royal Society 

  • the Royal Academy of Engineering 

  • Innovate UK 

  • the UK Space Agency and industry (Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Huawei, Honeywell). 

Our members are passionate educators who teach undergraduate and postgraduate students and supervise MSc and PhD projects. We have developed innovative teaching methods and tools for the education of future photonics engineers. We are also very active in outreach and public engagement activities. 

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