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Statistical Sciences Research Institute (S3RI)

Our research

From biostatistics and the design of experiments to modelling and survey methods, explore our 5 research themes in detail.

We carry out research in statistics, demography and social surveys.


Our work looks at how statistics can help the field of medical research. We apply statistical methods to the design and analysis of clinical trials and public health initiatives.

Our expertise in this theme includes:

  • designing experiments with medical and pharmaceutical applications
  • advancing research into diabetes, back pain and cancer
  • finding ways to analyse complex random data
  • developing tools to judge the size of elusive target populations
  • identifying patterns in different analysis methods

Design of experiments

We research the design and analysis of experiments. We work with scientists and engineers from academia and industry.


We study statistical analysis methods for the fields of physical and environmental sciences, engineering and social sciences. Our work involves analysing data with complex structures.

Our expertise in this theme includes:

  • using complex categorical data with applications in social sciences
  • using large datasets in ecology, the environment and health sciences
  • applying Bayesian approaches to chemical or biological sources
  • applying Bayesian approaches to social sciences issues

Policy and evaluation

We apply the use of statistics to large and complex survey data. Our work helps understand topics like migration flows, education, poverty, global public health and charitable giving.

Our expertise in this theme includes:

  • using modelling to understand migration in England and Wales and across Europe
  • studying falling levels of fertility and changes to the structures of families and households
  • examining sickness and health among members of the Hampshire Friendly Society
  • assessing the success of a UN reproductive health and family planning project in China
  • learning more about how donations for development have changed over time

Survey methods

Our group explores how different survey data collection methods can influence the quality of statistics.