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The Stefan Cross Centre for Women, Equality & Law was launched in September 2018 thanks to a generous donation from Law School alumnus, Mr Stefan Cross KC (Hon).

The purpose of the Centre is to raise awareness of discrimination against women and girls, investigate the causes of this discrimination and seek effective solutions.

The SCC provides a space to research the structural, societal, legal and regulatory issues associated with gender discrimination from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Its research seeks to better understand the roots of the phenomenon, raise awareness about it and find more effective ways to address it.

The SCC aims to disseminate its research through a variety of channels (including academic publications and participation in government consultation processes) in order to inform policy, drive change and, ultimately, help to reduce discrimination.

Stefan Cross graduated from the University of Southampton in 1982 and went on to become one of the UK’s leading employment lawyers. He has secured compensation for thousands of women, starting with the “Cleveland Dinner Ladies” case in 1995 when Cleveland County Council paid out millions of pounds in compensation to women who had been paid less than men in equivalent roles. Most recently he has featured prominently in the national news for a case in Glasgow, where he is representing council workers bringing a similar claim against their employer. He is one of only around 20 solicitors to be appointed as an Honorary KC, which he received for his work in pursuing equal pay cases.

Throughout his legal career, Stefan has been a generous supporter of the University, funding a bursary scheme to support Law School students to progress their studies, regardless of their financial background.

The Centre for Women, Equality & Law was officially opened on 15 November with a distinguished lecture by Stefan Cross where he spoke about the “Myths and Legends of Equal Pay.”

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Stefan Cross KC
Stefan Cross

My interest in gender equality comes from my background; my mother suffered considerable injustices when she was bringing us up and I wanted to do something about it. I saw the jobs she did that were incredibly difficult and incredibly badly paid and under-valued and that’s the message that I’ve been trying to get across for 30 years, women have been undervalued.

I’ve made this donation because I believe that the law can play a significant role in changing women’s lives and I wanted to put the issues of gender equality as legal subject back on the agenda. I also want to see a community that can try to effect change; like-minded spirits should be joined together because together they make a much stronger force.

Stefan Cross