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Research project

A Postcolonial History of Rehabilitation

Project overview

A Postcolonial History of Rehabilitation aims to provide the first thorough comparative study of a topic that is widely debated in the media and has major legal and political consequences for ideas of criminal justice, national security, and human rights, but which legal and cultural historians have not fully explored or understood.

This project charts a global history of rehabilitation with reference to a range of related, but distinct events and archival sources, from reports on penal labour and prison discipline in nineteenth-century Australia and colonial India, to debates about rehabilitation in the context of counter-insurgency operations during the Kenyan land and freedom struggle of the 1950s, and the counter-terrorist rehabilitation camps of the early twenty-first century.


Lead researcher

Professor Stephen Morton


Research interests

  • Postcolonial and world literatures in English, including literatures from Africa, the Caribbean, South Asia, and Canada
  • Postcolonial and Decolonial Studies
  • Literature, Visual Culture and Economics
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