Research project

A prospective multicentre study to determine the association between sarcopenia and grade 3 toxicity in people with metastatic breast cancer undergoing first line cytotoxic chemotherapy (CANDO-4)


Lead researcher
Other researchers

Dr Stephen Wootton PhD FAfN OBE

Associate Professor
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Dr Sean Ewings

Associate Professor Head of Statistics
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Professor Ramsey Cutress

Professor of Breast Sugery
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Dr Constantinos Savva MD, MSc, PhD, MRCP

Associate Professor of Medical Oncology

Research interests

  • The comprehensive evaluation of the immunometabolic phenotype of tumour microenvironment in breast cancer.
  • Investigation of the underlying biology and immunomodulatory effects of anti-PD1 and metformin combination using targeted transcriptomics and multiplex immunohistochemistry in a breast tumour murine model.
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