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Research project

A Russell - Catalysis Hub


Lead researcher

Professor Andrea Russell

Professor of Physical Electrochemistry

Research interests

  • Structure/property relationships in electrocatalysts
  • Development and application of syncrotron based spectroscopic techniques for operando characterisation of electrocatalysts, electrode structures, and electrochemical interfaces
  • Development and application of vibrational spectroscopies (IR and Raman) to study electrochemical interfaces and reactions
Other researchers

Professor Robert Raja

Prof of Materials Chemistry & Catalysis

Research interests

  • Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • Sustainable Chemistry
  • Carbon Capture Storage and Utilisation

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Hamza Annath,
Jinesh C. Manayil,
Jillian Thompson,
Andrew C. Marr,
, 2021 , Applied Catalysis A: General , 627
Type: article
Veronica Celorrio,
Andrew Stephen Leach,
Haoliang Huang,
Shusaku Hayama,
Adam Freeman,
David W Inwood,
D.J. Fermin,
, 2021 , ACS Catalysis , 11 , 6431--6439
Type: article
V. Celorrio,
D. Tiwari,
L. Calvillo,
A. Leach,
H. Huang,
G. Granozzi,
J. A. Alonso,
A. Aguadero,
R. M. Pinacca,
& D. J. Fermin
, 2021 , ACS Applied Energy Materials , 4 (1) , 176--185
Type: article
Haoliang Huang,
Abu Bakr Ahmed Amine Nassr,
Veronica Celorrio,
Diego Gianolio,
Christopher Hardacre,
Dan J. L. Brett,
, 2021 , Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics , 2021 (23) , 11738 -- 11745
Type: article
Stewart Parker,
Richard Catlow,
Ian Silverwood,
Russell Howe,
Santosh Matam,
Stephanie Chapman,
Misbah Sarwar,
Iain Hitchcock,
Andrew York,
& Alexander J. O'Malley
, 2018
Type: conference